| How Do I Keep My Family Safe During Home Renovation? |

By Arch. Kiko Fernandez | January 29, 2022

Home renovations are certain to disrupt your everyday routine. It can be quite stressful to come home to a dusty house with exposed wires and plumbing. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Before we begin any renovation works, Archadius Construction Corporation makes sure that you, the homeowner, are included in the planning stage, and well briefed with the new temporary rules that will be implemented in your house during the renovation works. Safety is our number one priority, and if you will be staying in your home while we renovate, here are some tips to keep your family safe during your home renovation:


1.  Adjust Accordingly

If you are having work done on certain parts of the house only, you must adjust accordingly. If you are renovating your kitchen, move all the essential items from the kitchen to another part of the house. You may have to wash the dishes in the bathroom for the meantime. You may also request to do the renovation by area as to keep some areas useable at one time. For example, after we are done renovating the kitchen, we may move onto your room, where you must also adjust accordingly by sleeping in another room or space in the house temporarily.


2. Discuss Rules with your Family

We make it a point to clearly communicate with you all the new rules to be followed as long as we are working in the jobsite. Make sure that all your family members and visitors are well oriented and briefed with these rules. Always keep children and pets away from the work areas. Plan ahead if you are expecting a visitor, make sure they do not accidentally enter the renovation areas.


3. Board Up

Archadius Construction Corporation seals the areas for renovation to isolate it from the rest of the house as much as possible. We do this by erecting temporary barriers using plywood or metal depending on the location. We also use safety nets when necessary. You and your family must make sure to never enter the renovation area unannounced. If ever you need to enter, you must be accompanied by the foreman or the project manager, while wearing safety gear such as safety shoes and hard hat.


4. Dust and Fumes

Dust and fumes are unavoidable in any construction project. However, we have measures to minimize dust and fumes especially if the works are done in the interior where ventilation is constricted. Archadius Construction Corporation uses odorless paint for interiors, and exhaust fans and blowers to blow the dust outside. What you can do to further minimize the spread of dust and fumes to the non-work areas is to seal your doors using rubber weatherstripping or hang a blue sack to function as a curtain. You may also use air purifiers for further protection.


5. Noise

Noise is also unavoidable, but this time, it cannot be minimized, it can only be controlled. At the planning stage of the project, we discuss if noise will be a factor to you or any of your family members. You may have someone in the family who works from home and has virtual meetings, or you may sleep in a different schedule because of work. These can be discussed so that we can plan ahead to do noisy works at certain times of day. Neighbors are also a factor when it comes to construction noise. Archadius Construction Corporation makes sure that the neighbors are notified of the construction works in your house.

6. Cleaning

Our workmen make sure that the site is orderly and free of debris which can cause injury or damage to property before leaving the site. Everything within the renovation area is our responsibility, however, we are not responsible for cleaning the adjacent areas since it is considered your personal space. The standard of cleanliness is also discussed before the beginning of every project. Archadius Construction Corporation offers a post construction deep cleaning service after the renovation to thoroughly clean all affected areas. 

7. Relocate Temporarily

It is best to vacate your house during the renovation works not only for your safety, but for your convenience as well. If you can stay with friends or family, or if you want to rent a place or stay in a hotel during the renovation, it will minimize the risks of injury to you and your family. There are certain types of projects where we do not allow the owners to stay in the house during the renovation. Such projects are addition of upper floors and major renovations wherein most or all of the space is affected.

8. Practice Minimum Health Standard Protocols

If you are to remain in your home throughout the renovation, avoid conversing or interacting with the workmen; however, if you must, have the meeting in a well-ventilated area, wear a well-fitted mask, and keep a distance of at least 1 meter. Place hand sanitizers at strategic locations and ensure that hand soap is easily accessible near taps and sinks. In Archadius Construction Corporation, we test our workers weekly, do daily sign and symptom monitoring, follow the standard health protocols, and guarantee that all personnel are fully vaccinated.


Ideally, it is still best to relocate temporarily during your home renovation. However, if this is not possible for you, make sure to take note of the tips we've mentioned to guide you in keeping your family safe during the project. 

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