| How Much To Renovate My Condominium Unit? |

By Arch. Kiko Fernandez | September 30, 2022

Renovating a condominium unit is a lot more predictable than renovating other residential types simply because there are fewer variations of condominium spaces. The following are such predictabilities:

1.   Predictability of Floor Area

Studio-type units are typically on the 15sqm to 30sqm range, rarely does it ever go to 40 sqm, and it’s almost impossible to find one at the 70sqm range. Most condominium developers offer up to only 3-bedroom configurations, most of which is in the 70sqm to 100sqm range, and rarely does it ever reach the 200sqm range.

2.   Predictability of the Layout

Most condominium units, especially the newer ones, are rectangular in configuration. All units have only one entrance, and some units have balconies. End units are usually the ones who break the mold as it mostly has two corners of the building. The layout is the space limitation; thus, it makes the planning process easier.

3.   Condominium Restrictions

All condominium developers have their own restrictions on renovations. Some common examples of restrictions are the following:

·         Not allowed to cover fire sprinklers

·         Not allowed to change common areas

·         Not allowed to demolish concrete walls

·         Not allowed to weld on site

·         8 hour a day shift with noisy hours

These restrictions limit the project possibilities and makes it easier to predict the cost of construction.

The main factor now is how much are you wiling to spend for your condominium unit renovation? How grand do you want your space to be? Check out the infographic below to see which budget bracket you belong to.

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