What Do You Pay Your Contractor For?

When people hire contractors, most think that they are only paying for labor and materials. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Contractors (professionals, not the fly by night ones) offer much more than just labor and materials. This is the reason you hire contractors and not just someone you just met online or a friend of a friend. When you hire us, when you pay us, the following is what you pay for:

Personally Handling Your Project Will Cost You Money

It sounds like you can save money on the surface, but on the long run, there is a big chance you are actually losing money as opposed to just hiring a contractor to do it for you. Here are some reasons why:

Is Your Contractor Legit?

The word “contractor” is loosely thrown around. It’s easy to say “contractor ako” and you easily hear or see these words especially when inquiring though various online groups. But how can you distinguish legitimate contractors from fly-by-night contractors? 

How Much Will It Cost To Renovate Your House in the Philippines?

Renovation is the process of improving a damaged or outdated space or structure. In the Philippines, the term renovation is used interchangeably with alteration or remodeling (changing the structural elements, partitions, or openings in a space). We’ll use the term renovation for simplicity. So how much will it cost you to renovate your home in the Philippines? 

12 Tips for your Home Construction

Building a new home can be a very daunting task.

Here are 12 crucial tips that will make your Home Construction process more systematized, streamlined, and surely, less stressful.

5 Disadvantages of Bidding Out Your Project

If you are a homeowner, and investor, or a small business owner, you might think that bidding out your project is the way to go because after all, we all want to spend less and get more. However, there are a lot of disadvantages for bidding out your project, here are a few examples:

How Do I Keep My Family Safe During Home Renovation?

Home renovations are certain to disrupt your everyday routine. It can be quite stressful to come home to a dusty house with exposed wires and plumbing. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Should I Tell My Contractor My Budget?

Budget is a sensitive topic for most, but it is one of the most important factors to discuss, especially at the beginning of your contractor selection process.

How Much Is the Cost of Building a House in the Philippines?

There is a good chance that you already have an idea of what your house will look like and how many rooms it will have. You will have seen different designs from Pinterest, Facebook, from a friend, or on TV. The next big question is how much does it cost to build your house?

Which is Cheaper? To Renovate or to Rebuild?

You have a property, probably an old family house, or a new purchase, and you are deciding whether to renovate it or just demolish the old structure and build a new one. The questions is; which option is more valuable? Saan ka mas makakatipid at alin ba ang mas sulit?

How Much To Renovate My Condominium Unit?

Renovating a condominium unit is a lot more predictable than renovating other residential types simply because there are fewer variations of condominium spaces. The following are such predictabilities: